BBP Translations
Terms and Conditions


1.     "Customer" is understood to mean the person who or the company which issues the order to produce a translation. "Vendor" is understood to mean BBP Business/Partner.

2.     The Customer is obliged - immediately after delivery - to examine whether the Vendor has fulfilled the agreement properly. Should the Customer consider the translation to be unacceptable due to faults in the form or in the text, the Customer shall notify the Vendor thereof by registered post at the latest within 7 days from delivery and shall give the Vendor the opportunity to make the necessary improvements within a reasonable period.

3.     If the Customer decides to alter the original text whilst the translation work is in progress, it shall be considered as a new order and the delivery time shall, unless otherwise agreed, be adjusted accordingly.

4.    The Customer is entitled to cancel an order given to the Vendor, but in such cases the Customer is obliged to compensate the Vendor for any costs already incurred by the Vendor, such in the broadest sense.

5.     Ownership and copyright of the translation shall be transferred to the Customer only after full payment of the bill has been made to the Vendor.

6.      The Vendor is not responsible for any consequential damage - including loss of profits and delay damage - suffered by the Customer as a result of late delivery or any fault of the translation, whatever the cause may be and by whoever it may have been suffered, unless standards of reason and fairness dictate that under the given circumstances the Vendor should be responsible anyhow. In such a case the Vendor's responsibility is limited to the amount billed to the Customer for the order by the Vendor.

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7.     The Vendor is not liable for (bodily) injury, whatever may have caused it and whoever may have suffered it, unless standards of reason and fairness dictate that under the given circumstances the Vendor should be liable anyhow. In such a case the provision in article 6. shall not apply and the liability of the Vendor shall be limited to an amount which shall - in accordance with standards of reason and fairness - be in proportion to the agreed price. The liability of the Vendor is limited to 50,000.

8.     The Vendor is under no circumstances responsible for damage arising from loss, destruction or damage to manuscripts, documents, papers, books, software, etc. it has been entrusted with. Dispatch shall always be at the Customer's risk. Without further notice the Vendor assumes that the documents or software issued by the Customer are copies of an original present at the Customer's.

9.     The Vendor shall treat all documents with which it is entrusted with the utmost confidentiality.

10.   The Vendor shall in no way whatsoever benefit itself or a third party by making use of any information obtained whilst doing the job.

11.   The Customer indemnifies the Vendor against claims from third parties.

12.   All agreements are governed by Dutch law. Any disputes arising from an agreement shall be subject to the judgement of the competent court in Rotterdam.

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