What does it cost?

Competitive rates

Our rates are particularly competitive. In addition, other translation agencies often charge extra for specialised texts, whereas BBP maintains its standard rate for this. Specialisation and an efficient approach result in a price advantage of 15 to 40%. Compare our prices with those of other, non-specialised translation agencies – or even better, request quotes and see for yourself!

No additional costs

We do not charge any additional costs. Delivery is available in the manner of your choice: Windows, Apple Mac OS and other operating systems, MS Word, plain text/ASCII, HTML, various DTP platforms such as QuarkXPress, Framemaker, PDF file, floppy or CD-ROM, high-quality print, via e-mail, fax, web server, FTP server, or through the post. There are no delivery costs (express post or courier service at cost price). If necessary we can even deliver the translation to you ourselves.

Base your translation on other publications – for free

If you require a translation to be based on other texts (e.g. a manual or brochure of a comparable device), you can send us these materials directly with the text to be translated, or you can give us (for example) a Web address where the related content can be found.


Quickly work out your costs with the BBP calculator

Using the calculator on this website you can quickly get an impression of what your translation will cost. Or you can request a quote, no strings attached.


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